SAD News Shirley Passed away in her sleep on February 6th 2009 we will all miss a truly wonderful lady.

Just Shirley Jean

Picture of Shirley Jean Today
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My daughter brought me some boxes that I had left with her when I moved into the apartment that burned.  This was in one of the boxes and is another one that hasn't been seen in, lo, these many years.

This is a head shot that I hadn't seen for at least a half a century.  Someone had it up for grabs on ebay and one of you nice people bid on it, got it and sent it to me to autograph.  I asked his permission to scan it and make it available for anyone else who wants it.

Our Gang
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One of my first Our Gang's, it started my career as a flirt and vamp.   And Dorothy still hasn't forgiven me for taking her candy.  This was "Helping Grandma"

This was when we were trying to help Stymie figure out what he was supposed to buy.  Dorothy "Little Echo", Wheezer, Stymie and me in Grandma's store. This picture is from "Helping Grandma."

In the Movies
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A shot from the John Wayne western, ""Neath Arizone Skies".  Believe it or not I rode off through the desert alone on that great big horse while Wayne stayed behind to ward off the guys in black hats.  One of John Wayne's early movies, " 'Neath Arizona Skies".   AMC usually runs a copy of this during their John Wayne week.  Yup, that's little ole blond me in a very black, very itchy wig playing the part of an Indian child in the early West.

"Gilda and her Crowning Glory"
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You can find out more about Gilda at and there is a photo being offered there that can't be found anywhere else.  I've also recently been added to the Dancers Wall of Fame at  

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After my stint on the Little Rascals, I became "Gilda and her Crowning Glory" in the heyday of burlesque. I performed all over the United States and Canada and was a regular at Minsky's.  

This Bikini was daring when this photo was taken. As a matter of fact you couldn't even buy them in most stores as they were darn near sinful.  So I made my own - thanks Mom for the sewing lessons, bet she never thought that bit of training would wind up on a Burlesque stage.

Happy memories ! !

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