Shirley Jean Rickert Measures was in the Our Gang/Little Rascals series in 1935.


"Our Gang
Little Rascals

Hi there

Before I get into your letters let me say that I was in the Our Gang/Little Rascals before Bob Blake, never met him - and am glad that I didn't.  That's just a personal feeling but I wanted to get it off my mind.

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Over the years a whole lot of stories have gone around about the

Our Gang/Little Rascals and I'll be happy

to tell you everything I know about the Gang

and those days in Motion Pictures.

A few years ago I sat down and figured out how many jobs I've

made a living at since I became a has-been at 12.  I've been:

A dancer in Musicals

Truck driver for the Air Force

Dress shop Saleslady

Member of a traveling Dance Group

Beer Bar Owner (that one was my husbands idea)

Stripper in Burlesque


Secretary and Office Manager

Traffic Director @ a C&W Radio Station

Booking Dept. of Paramount Pictures


Sales Director of Regional Professional Theatres

Sales Director at a Dinner Theatre

National Grange Liaison for Fairfield Processing

Miniature Store Partner

Nut & Bolt Salesman

Jewelry Designer and Painter

Data Mgr. at a Newspaper

Marketing Director for a Print Shop

Data Manager of CPI for the American Cancer Society

and now I work part time for my future grand daughter in the new shop she and Shannon, her friend, opened in Malta, New York.  I'm also covering the Town and Village Board meetings for a local News Service.  I'm having a ball playing Brenda Starr, but darned if I'm going to dye my hair red.

If you have any questions about any phase of

my life, please go to

and I'll answer you on the

F.A.Q. page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

What's been going on?


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