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Date:             03/30/2007
Time:             08:26:59 AM

Q & A

I don't have television right now, but I have a laptop, and it has been a pleasure to find that folks are sharing many of the "Little Rascals" shorts on You Tube.

There is one scene where Miss Crabtree takes you in her lap and says, "How is little Shirley?" --"Oh, I'm fine." Were you all having as much fun as you seemed to be having? It looked like the adults on the set--particularly June Marlowe--were genuinely fond of you children.


Hi Sona - Thanks for the information about You Tube.


I donít remember any problems between the Adults and the kids.   Donít forget the Movie business - is just that, a Business and a lot of stuff may have been hidden from the Cute Little Kids


 KB Hetrick
Date:             03/29/2007
Time:             02:32:53 AM

Q & A

Ms Rickert;
I truly admire your positive attitude and the energy you give back to the world!  It's a treasure, having people like you around, who can share their memories of the world they lived in and grew up in, that formed the basis for the things we love and enjoy today.
Peace and Blessings;
Kim Hetrick


Hi Kim Ė Thanks for the nice words.  Itís really great to be over 80 and know that a lot of people have good memories of you for so long.



 Lee Ann Smith
Date:             03/21/2007
Time:             02:49:47 PM

Q & A

I heard one of the rascals actually became a doctor and was practicing in Augusta GA.

I think it was Spanky.

Is this true.


Hi Lee, I donít think so.  According to Mrs.Spanky (Iíve seen her at Sons of the Desert meetings) they lived in the West...


 Stanley T. Serzan
Date:             03/20/2007
Time:             05:03:18 PM

Q & A

I sent you an e-mail some time ago and haven't heard back from you. I hope you just get a lot of e-mails and you didn't get to mine yet. You are the first person in the film industry I ever sent an e-mail to. Not bad for a grandfather five times over. I had asked if all the episodes were filmed in California or were there other locations that you all traveled to? I enjoyed the episode with the train that the gang built. Is there a favorite of yours?


Hi Stanley Ė Yes I have been awfully busy giving away or storing all the stuff gathered during the first part of my life.  Iím now in a nursing environment where there are people to care of me and keep me busy and contented.  Hey, Iím a Great-grandmother two times.  The episodes I was in were shot in the Hal Roach Studio in Culver City.



Date:             03/20/2007
Time:             01:19:24 PM

Q & A

Nice gams!!!!


Hi Tom Ė Thanks a heap.


 lenny kadner
Date:             03/18/2007
Time:             05:40:03 PM

Q & A

is anyone REALLY home?!?!?!?!




 Richard Sloan
Date:             03/17/2007
Time:             07:37:44 PM

Q & A

Can you help me find Tom Bond, Jr., the son of the late Tommy "Butch" Bond?  A friend of his at ABC-TV lost his phone number, and we both need to find him ASAP.  We both knew "Butch."
Richard Sloan
Massapequa, NY


I donít know, But Iíll print youíre Email.  If anyone answers Ill post it and hope that helps


 Emily-         000000000
Date:             03/17/2007
Time:             10:09:38 AM

Q & A

Lately, it seems that I have been obsessed with the old little rascals shows and what I had found out was that there are really no websites about them and it is also really hard to find them on DVD and video.  This website is cool.  Do you know any of the actors in The Little Rascals from 1994?  Thank you.  It was a pleasure talking to you.


Hi Emily Ė One of the reasons for the dearth of Websites is, Iím just about only one left who can both sit up and type on a keyboard.  It was a fun life and enjoyed it. I never met any of the 1945 kids    letís face it ---- I had a couple of grandsons


 gloria scholes
Date:             03/13/2007
Time:             10:02:29 PM

Q & A

the little rascals has always been my favorite entertainment.
I was born in 1951 and used to watch them on TV in the 50s and 60s hosted by Officer Joe Bolton.
My mother was born in your era and had plenty of stories about her spending every single day of her childhood at the movies in Brooklyn.
She knew all the rascal trivia.
Please write back, I would be so honored.
Thank you


Hi Gloria Ė Thanks for being a fan of my friends and me.  Iím In the process of writing a book about the first part of my life. Not exactly sure of the title, but Iíll tell you all about it on my website. . 


 Anne maloney
Date:             03/13/2007
Time:             06:54:25 PM

Q & A

Melody, I think this is really
cool. My mother was a huge
John Wayne fan; she would have
been very excited to see this.


I wish I could tell her that one of the first females who can


 Anna Vann
Date:             03/13/2007
Time:             06:32:15 PM

Q & A

I really loved the "our Gang" show and recently my own children are discovering them....thank you for all of your hard work bringing the show to my family.


Thanks for the nice words, I really appreciate them.


 Donna Vieth
Date:             03/09/2007
Time:             05:28:58 PM

Q & A

which character did Robert Blake play in Our Gang?


Hi Donna Ė He played the tough kid and was named {FIND NAME}


 Tony Francis
Date:             02/24/2007
Time:             09:21:09 PM

Q & A

Hi Shirley,
I came across your delightful site whilst browsing on the Old Corral website. It's my favorite way of passing a very pleasant hour or so.
I came upon a picture of you with John Wayne and it mentions 'The Little rascals'. I never saw them!!
I did see something called Our Gang
something similar perhaps?
This is just a short note, but I do have an interest in 'Show Biz'
I have 'trod the boards a bit, played in a band and been a DJ for 30 odd years.
Our future daughter in law is an actress and our son like me now plays in a band his fiancť when she's not working sings with the band.
So that's a little about me.
Write soon ...Kindest regards/
Tony Francis


Hi Tony Ė Starting at the top of your email ------ Iím glad the Old Corral is still mentioning my stint with John Wayne.  Just in case they didnít tell you title it was ĎNEATH ARIZONA SKIES.  The Our Gang and the Little rascals some were released under one name and some the other.  I guess once youíve been bitten by the Show Biz Bug the bite mark never goes away. Good luck to your Son and Daughter-in-Law.


Date:             02/21/2007
Time:             04:34:54 PM

Q & A

Dear Shirley,

I grew up watching the Little Rascals and always had a major crush on you;-).  I always thought you were so beautiful and I'm sure you still are.  Thanks for the many memories.  I'm close to retirement now and never in a million years thought that I'd get the opportunity and honor to write to you.

Thanks again.

With love and adoration always,

Hi Dennis Ė itís wonderful to be 81 and remembered as a kid.  Boy that sure was a long time ago

 Sue Slutzky
Date:             02/20/2007
Time:             02:15:46 PM

Q & A

Hello Shirley,
I was searching around the internet looking for information on all the actors from Our Gang and The Little Rascals and I came upon your website. What a treat! I am a board member of Hollywood Heritage in Hollywood (of course) and I am the resident designer. We have an event coming up on March 22 - the 85th Anniversary of Our Gang. I am designing the printed program for it. Too bad you don't live here. It would be great if you were able to attend. I am including very brief biographies of each actor. If you get a chance to email me back with a few lines about your life after Our Gang I would be happy to include it. If not, I'll try to put something together from your website.
I wish you all the best.
Sue Slutzky


Hi Sue Ė Iím very sorry that I didnít get back to you sooner.  Iíve been too busy to even turn my PC on.  My daughter finally got through my thick skull that it isnít safe for me to live alone with a cat any longer.  Letís face it, a cat isnít very good at picking a person up Ė and thanks to a stroke my sense of balance and my equilibrium have bit the dust.  Iím now taking it easy in a nursing home where they keep me safe.  Glad you liked the website and it will be upgraded quite often as I now have

Webmaster named John and I now have a laptop.  All the best, Shirley Jean

 Gregg Isett
Date:             02/19/2007
Time:             01:04:35 AM

Q & A

Hello Shirley Jean,

    I play the organ to he silent films and teach seniors how to play this instrument when I'm not concretizing.  I just finished playing to one of the silent Our Gang films and the audience howled with laughter and had so many questions about the film when I was through.  It's wonderful to be able to e-mail you and I would dearly appreciate your autographed stills.  I know you've heard this so very often, but thanks so VERY much for wonderful memories.


  • Hi Greg - Thanks for the nice words.  Iíll make you a deal Ė if I receive at least 4 emails from the people you do a show for and they request a picture Iíll and you an autographed picture.  You have keep me apprized as to the shows and area you work in.

All the best, Shirley Jean.


 Stanley T. Serzan ( Stash )
Date:             02/17/2007
Time:             12:06:29 PM

I never sent a letter or an e-mail to anyone in the show business before. But, I am writing to you. I did enjoy all the shows that were on TV. One thing that I always thought was how great it would have been to be a part of the show. Not so much the job or the money, but the idea of knowing the people that was working on the set. When you have such young people in one place, it is hard to control them unless they are good to begin with. It is a shame that so much bad happened after the end of the run to so many of the people. I do have one question for you. Where was the show filmed at? I always felt that most of the shows were filmed in California. If so, what part, or parts of the State. I am a grandfather and I enjoyed the fact that you wrote about how happy it makes you feel to be a grandmother. Stay well and thank you for the chance to write to you.


Hi Staff - Thanks for a great email, hope my answers make some sense.  First  of all we were controlled by our Mothers and THEY were  controlled the Assistant Director Ė who were controlled by the Directors and so  on and on, etc;  Thru the years the newspapers have  overblown, most of us have lived just fine lives,  in other words donít believe everything you read.  They were filmed in Culver City, Cal and Iím a Great Grandmother Ė ant life grand?


 Lenny Kadner
Date:             02/15/2007
Time:             01:40:39 AM

Q & A

Hi, again, Shirley Jean... Glad you restored the site....

I've run "Good News" XXXXX times... I've got to ask... In the Pass the Peace Pipe, two dancers, exchange sweaters... were they sisters, and were there an inside joke?    Thanks, Lenny.


Glad you enjoy it.  As to Good news Ė wow you sure found something I know nothing about.  I vividly remember the routine (can no longer do anything like it, Arthur has settled in to most joints) and canít for the life of me recall anything about sweaters and we had no sisters in the cast.  The next time I run it Iíll check out the peace pipe number...

Date:             02/06/2007
Time:             06:52:15 PM

Q & A

Dear Shirley Jean,
my name is Michael and I'm writing you from Germany - for years now I collect everything I can find about you except a signed picture :) For me you are a screen legend and a most beautiful woman. I hope you found your heaven on earth and it would be more than kind if I could get a signed picture of you.

Hi Michael Ė Thanks for the nice letter. 


 Dave Chasteen
Date:             02/06/2007
Time:             07:14:12 AM

Q & A

Do you have any particular memories of John Wayne from your time in the film industry?

What did the 'Our Gang' crew use on your hair, to be able to create such a unique hairstyle?

Thanks for all of the wonderful childhood memories...yours and mine!

Dave Chasteen


Hi Dave Ė I can proudly say that Iím one of the few females that can say, I kissed John Wayne, Of course was only seven years old, but it still counts,

My hair style was developed by Max Factor and glued to my face every morning with Wave Set.  She did good job of it


Date:             04/25/2007
Time:             10:12:30 PM

Q & A

Hello Shirley Jean,
How are you?

I grew up watching all the Little
Rascals shorts on TV in the '70s and '80s. 
  I just want to say thanks for all the laughs and nice memories that you (and all the other Rascals)
provided me as a child.  Those were truly funny, timeless films, and I still enjoy watching them.
I always thought that your appearances in the Rascals comedies really stood out - the "Watt Street" routine still cracks me up. 
I'm glad I found your website, it's great.
  Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to say
thanks for putting a smile on my face, and I hope
you have a great day,

Hi Jeff Ė   Thanks fir the nice words.  I now live in Albany and darned if they donít have a Watt Street.

 Robert Peruski
Date:             04/21/2007
Time:             02:17:00 PM

Q & A

Shirley youíre just wonderful. Can you share any memories about Miss Crabtree with us?

Yup. I sure can.  June Marlowe was a brunette and

They put a blond wig on her as they thought that color would appeal to Jackie Cooper more,

 Tom Kelly
Date:             04/20/2007
Time:             11:09:26 PM

Q & A

Hello Shirley :-).
I'm glad that you're still hanging around. I hope things are well with you.
 When I was a kid we used to hurry home from school to watch you and the rest of the Little Rascals. It was usually the high point of the day ;-). Thank you for all the wonderful hours of enjoyment you gave me. I even introduced my wife to the Little Rascals, and she loves watching it as much as I do. She grew up in Wales, so she had never seen the series before, and she loves it now.
  I was wondering what it was like to work as one of the Little Rascals. Was it a lot of work? Was it fun? Some of both? What did you like or not like about it? Did it affect your life later on?
  Thanks for your webpage. It's fun to read and I look forward to checking back often.


Hi Tom Ė Thanks for a great letter.  Please tell your wife I said welcome to our place in the world.   Working in the studios had all the fun, the waking up and going to sleep that the rest of the world lived.  Iím in the process of writing a book about my life as a Child Star.  Sure, every bodyís life puts all kinds into of stops and goes in their later living.

 Charley Thurston
Date:             04/18/2007
Time:             09:27:50 AM
Q & A

Hi Shirley

Our Gang was my favorite show as a kid in the fifties.  All the kids were such good actors - from Spanky in his crib swatting away a fly to Porky's conversations with a buddy.

Best Wishes,

Charley Thurston
San Antonio, Texas


Hi Charley Ė Glad you remember us and wrote such letter.

Shirley Jean                                        


Date:             04/11/2007
Time:             01:57:09 PM

Q & A

You were cute as a button and I see still a beautiful lady.  I had much fun watching "Our Gang" on Sundays growing up.  Best wishes to you always.



Hi Nichelle Ė Thanks for the wonderful words


 Laurie Wilson
Date:             06/23/2007
Time:             01:23:06 AM

Q & A

I too was so happy to find your website. Thanks for all the great episodes.
I am hoping you can help me figure out which episode was filmed in Seminole, Oklahoma. It was a nice brick house; it also had a black metal fence around a raised yard.
My mother-in-law was one of the children that ran through the house. She has passed away and I would love to find it for her children.


Hi Laurie Ė to my knowledge none of the 221 Our Gang/Little Rascals short movies was shot in California.  There is a book out called ďOur Gang, the Life and Times of the little

RascalsĒ by Dick Bann and Leonard Maltan.  It has a full history of all the shows shot and Iím in the process of writing a book.  All the best, Shirley Jean


 Bruce Baird
Date:             06/23/2007
Time:             05:25:35 PM

Q & A

Hi Shirley:

I just checked your web page to find out how you are doing.  Am heading up to Livermore on July 21st for a Baird family reunion at Doug's & Bobbie's ranch in the hills behind town.  Every once in a while, when Doug & I get together we talk about you and your mother, reminiscing about the "old days".

No special reason for sending this just thought I would say "hello".




Hi Cousin Ė wow, what a great surprise.  Sorry I canít be there for the get together. My webmaster has taken the running of MEASURESUP.COM and in the future heíll be handling my website and getting everybody up-to-date.   Just so you know Iím now in nursing home, and have settled for the rest of my life due to too Many cigarettes, too many strokes and ignoring my oxygen hose for too long.  Iím hooked up to the oxygen 24/12 for the rest of my life


Luv and stuff, Shirl


 Van perkins
Date:             06/19/2007
Time:             02:36:19 PM
Q & A

Do you keep in touch with any surviving cast members of 'Our Gang?  (Jackie Cooper, etc.)

PS. Thank you so much for providing this website.


Hi Van Ė Thanks for the email and I have no idea where any of the few who are still hanging around live.

 Steve Herbenick
Date:             06/18/2007
Time:             06:36:40 PM

Q & A

Growing up (I'm 63) John Wayne was
one of my heroes --I have heard recently that he was prejudiced towards black people --would you have any insight on this?
Thank you


Hi Steve Ė good grief Ė thatís a new one on me and certainly doesnít fit in with my memories of him.  Wish I knew where all the nasty rumors come from. 


Date:             06/18/2007
Time:             01:09:54 AM

Q & A

Hi! I am so excited to find your website.  My girls 8 & 6 keep asking me about the Little Rascals as we watch some of the shows on tape.  Now, were you the little girl winking at Wheezer to get some candy (or was that Jean Darling)?
Also, I saw questions about the theme was supposedly  LeRoy Shields waltz called "Good Old Days".
So glad you are still out there!
We love the Rascals....p.s. you are adorable!


Hi Laura - No I had taken Jeanís place by the time we did that one Ė named ďHelping          

GrandmaĒ.  I believe you are correct about the theme song.  Thanks for the nice words.

 Frank Reighter
Date:             06/17/2007
Time:             10:56:03 PM

Q & A

Hi Shirley Jean,
  Ben Urish suggested I email you.  We're both members of the Three Stooges Fan Club. 
  I'm searching for a Burlesque dancer who was in the Stooges 1946 short "Three Little Pirates".  Her name was Dorothy DeHaven.  She apparently WASN'T a member of the acting family of Carter and Gloria DeHaven, although Carter DeHaven, Jr. was the Assistant Director on the film. It was her only film credit.

  I'm also looking for two dancers who worked at the Troc in Philly and the Globe in Atlantic City: Debra Dante and Jade Green.

  ANY help will be appreciated.



Frank Reighterr
501 West Court Apt A1
(Andalusia) Bensalem, PA. 19020-7773
267 523-5166


Hi Frank Ė Wow, imagine finding a devotee of the DeHaven family in 2007.  Not everybody at that time had the good fortune to work with both Carter & Gloria.  As far as the strippers I believe that Jane Brggerman at jbrigghs-/, might just have the answers you want, she has a newsletter Ė The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society with a section that tries to find various entertainers.  Good luck with your search.


 Kevin Blackburn
Date:             06/17/2007
Time:             03:36:01 PM

Q & A

Hi, My questions are: what was your favorite episode of Our
Gang/Little Rascals? Who were
the original cast members? Did
you know John Beradino? If so,
do you have any screen shots or
photos that you could point him
out in? I'm a fan of older movies
and baseball. What was your burlesque career like? Thanks
for your great part in many hours
of great entertainment. Sincerely,


Hi Kevin Ė I guess ďBargain DaysĒ.  Dick Bann & Leonard Malin have written a book, ďOur Gang/The Life and Times of the Little RascalsĒ.  It has pages with the story lines of all the shorts.  Iím afraid Iíve never heard of John Beradino.  The burlesque days supported my other, my daughter and me quite well

Date:             06/16/2007
Time:             09:53:57 PM

Q & A



Hi Karen -All I can say is     Huh??


 Arnie Feder
Date:             06/15/2007
Time:             12:50:28 PM

Q & A

Hi Shirley!

Hope you remember me. It's Arnie, from Long Island. It's been quite a while since I last spoke with you. If you remember, I met you at one of the memorabilia shows in N.J. a number of years ago. Just want to know how you're doing. Keep in touch if you can.



Hi Arnie Ė Thanks for writing.  Iím now in a nursing home due to a staticie heart and strokes.  Iím well taken care of and with a pretty good group of people.  My webmaster will be keeping up to date in the future  Thanks for caring.


Date:             06/13/2007
Time:             08:21:03 PM

Q & A

Is Shirley 'Muggsy" Coates still around?  I can't get info on her even at Internet Movie Data Base.


Hi - Karolynn Iím afraid I have no idea who Shirley Muggsy Coates is


 Carolynn Bjorkman
Date:             06/12/2007
Time:             07:34:08 PM

Q & A
I was reading some of the FAQs and someone mentioned Spanky and others were bitter about not getting the royalties they deserved. 
This is the same sad scenario that the cast of Walt Disney's Zorro faced.  Lots of toys, comics, books, etc marketed, but they received no royalties.  Same with when the show went into syndication.  And when the Disney channel showed Zorro in Vault Disney.  The families of the original cast members have been in years of dispute over this.  It's just too sad.  But Spanky had good reason to be ticked off.



Hi Carolynn Ė I donít know anything about the Zorro problems, but I do know about the Our Gang.  We were paid well for our place in history and we shot moving pictures, not TV shows.  If we had no money when we grew up it was the fault of our parents not the movie business.  We donít send the cow money the second time we buy her milk.


 Carolynn Bjorkman
Date:             06/12/2007
Time:             07:16:11 PM

Q & A

I grew up on Little Rascals and Stooges.  Much to my mom's discontent. But I can recall just about any of them.  I remember one of yours where you just about bite the finger or hand of...who was it? Jack Haley?  And then Miss Crabtree asked your name and 'how are you?" "Oh I'm fiiiine" with THE most deadpan look!
These were great.  I can't imagine not having grown up on Rascals. 
Great website!


Hi Carolynn Ė Thanks for the nice and welcome words.


 Barbara Myers
Date:             06/08/2007
Time:             03:29:15 PM

Q & A

Thanks Shirley for your very nice site. As a young girl in the early 50's I loved seeing the clips and movies of the Little Rascals. Oh how I wish the times were as innocent now. I donít care to watch movie and very little TV anymore. It sure brought back some precious memories looking at your site. Tanks for sharing with everybody. Barbara Myers


Hi Barbara Ė Love the email, thanks whole heap.


Date:             06/08/2007
Time:             03:15:12 PM

Q & A

Grew up (baby boomer) with all of you. Never tire of the re-runs. It was another world in another time, even for me. Enjoyed my trip through your web site today. I wish you much good health.

Alan W. Brath
Hopewell Jct. N.Y.


Hi Alan Ė Kind words are always welcome.  Iím working now on a book about growing up as a child star.


 Zac Burke
Date:             06/04/2007
Time:             12:17:06 PM

Q & A

Hi Shirley,
   I have had your site bookmarked for several years. I think this is the first time I've written. I am 38 years old and was born in 1969. I have watched the different incarnations of the Little rascals for years since I was 8 or 9. I actually just bought an 11 disc set with like 80+ episodes on it, 2 of which I think have you in them. Have you put anything new on your site lately? I had checked back several times and saw nothing new and was afraid you might have passed away before I ever got off my rear and at least wrote. Has anyone ever done a show revisiting some of the filming locations that might still exist in like Culver City? That would make for a very interesting series with probably a larger audience than most would expect. Well I won't write too much more and hope you might have a chance to write back, I'll try not to write or ask the same old questions that everyone writes.
       Zac Burke



Hi Zac Ė the web site is getting its stuff back together thanks to my webmaster.  John.  Iím also in the process of writing a book my early days in the business.  Iíd love to hear from you again.


 Anthony Amendola
Date:             06/03/2007
Time:             08:40:03 PM

Q & A

Hi Shirley Jean, how are you?  I hope you are feeling better.  I wrote you a letter a while back after reading the newspaper article   in the Albany Times-Union.  I can't tell you how much joy and happiness you have brought to so many people all these years.

My wife and I recently moved to Worcester, NY.  That's between Cobleskill and Oneonta.  We love the area, really rural and very quiet.  I love Turner Classic Movies, in my opinion the best channel on TV.  They recently showed a silent June Marlowe movie with Rin Tin Tin.  I enjoyed the movie very much.  Even back then, you could see how beautiful she was.  The memories remain and you are a big part of that. I wish you the best of health and happiness.

This September in Elmira, NY, there will be a ceremony at the gravesite of Hal Roach.  As you may know, he was born in Elmira.  Have you heard anything about it, and do you plan to attend?  I'd love to meet you in person.

Best wishes, and I'd love to hear from you ~ Anthony Amendola


Date:             06/03/2007
Time:             08:10:03 PM

Q & A pick up the link

G'day from downunda Miss Rickert... I was hoping I might do a Q&A interview with you sometime for my book. It will contain a collection of my interviews ranging from Glenn Ford and Brigitte Bardot to Gloria Jean and Karolyn Grimes. Here is a link to one of my interviews to see what I try and create...regards from Sydney...David :)


Hi David Ė Sorry itís taken so long for me to answer you.  But I have just finished fitting my life into a small space and am now living in a retirement establishment.  I had some strokes last year and need to live in a place where they can handle the fact that I fall down a lot.  My sense of balance was knocked out of the box by the strokes Ė if you stand me up within a short time Iíll fall over.  Very frustrating.  I have my laptop, but Iím not yet on the internet so John, my Webmaster, will handle any correspondence between you and me.  Hope to hear from you again soon and John will check out the interview link.


Date:             05/29/2007
Time:             02:43:33 AM

Q & A

Hi Shirley, I just ran across your website after looking up your name while watching an episode of 'neath the Arizona Skies.  I've enjoyed reading the site and the comments. 

I was born in the San Gabriel Valley back when it was still agricultural.  Once the post war boom hit, it seems like everything was paved over.  But, watching OG has always brought back memories of what some of southern California used to look like when there was still some open space. 

Reading your site has brought a smile to my day.  It's nice to know you're still around and sharing your life with us. 

I long ago escaped the crowds.  But, I'll share my horses and cows and OG films with my grandchildren. 


Hi Linda Ė its emails like yours that make me glad I was a child entertainer.


 Anne Rickert
Date:             05/25/2007
Time:             03:27:51 PM

Q & A

I was just wondering which Rickert branch you were on. I am from the original New England/Vermont crew that came over in the late 1600's. I never knew that you were a Rickert, and I watched that show FAITHFULLY until they pulled it off the air in the early 1980s. Too bad really, but times change. Anyway, I just randomly look for other Rickerts, and came across you!

Anne Rickert
Gaithersburg, MD (just outside Washington DC


Hi Anne Ė About ten years I was in touch with some Rickerts but between PC glitches and a great big fire Iíve lost any emails and info from them.  Iím in the process of writing a book and will have as much info on the Rickerts as I have,  Oh, yeah, I was born in Tacoma and my branch lived on their farms in that area.  I visited my Grandma when I was 7 and Iíll have more about it in the book.  Please keep in touch


 Dennis Rickert
Date:             05/25/2007
Time:             09:04:30 AM

Q & A

I remember first seeing your name in high school when I was looking at a Little Rascal's book in the library.  I had seen you on the show over the years but never knew we shared the same last name. My great-grandparents came from Germany, but my family was born and raised in the metro Detroit area.

Just wanted to say hello.  Hope all is well with you.




Hi Dennis Ė Good hearing from you.  Yup, Iím a Rickert and Iíll all I can remember about our history in my book.  Iíll have more about that on my website.  Please keep in tough.


Date:             05/22/2007
Time:             02:13:29 PM

Q & A

Are there photos or interviews with Billie Thomas (Buckwheat) from later in his life?  Iím afraid not, I worked with Stymie and Wheezer but not BuckwheatThanks for the email.


Matthew Falk
Date:             05/21/2007
Time:             09:35:25 AM

Q & A

It feels wonderful to be able to still "connect" to one of the Litle Rascals... One of my favorite TV shows that I grew-up with.   The wonderful memories are still with me today.

I do have a "burning question" & looking for a quick answer to it. "who" or which one? Of the rascals played the "sound engineer" who wore the headphones in the sound booth... whose hair did its own thing when one some of the electronics would explode?

The second question is "where" can I get images or photos of that scene that would depict the explosion with his hair standing-up?

Thank you so very much for your help!


Matthew Falk



Hi Mathew -   Sorry, I wasnít in that episode and canít help you.


Date:             05/19/2007
Time:             11:31:13 PM

Q & A

hi Shirley, been a gang fan for years. Can you tell me the story behind the straw hat publicity still? Where you not cold sitting there? You are cute in that photo.
Yes you were sexy then and as the burlesque girl.
Also found out on a gang site that a company is remastering the films for DVD.
They have found lost scenes that were cut out and going to be restoring them back into the movies.



Hi Tommy Ė I sure can remember what the straw hat still is all about.  That year Stax, the studio photographer, put out a calendar.   Donít remember what the calendar looked like and donít know if it is about Our Gang or kids or what.  No I wasnít cold; they didnít make their starlet kids uncomfortable in any way.  Not only did the studios take good care of us, the State of California made sure we were happy little chappies.  That was good news about the-release of the films.



 Glenn Bennett
Date:             05/16/2007
Time:             05:28:51 PM

Q & A

  It has been a long time since I've watched the old Gang. But when you were on you were great. You all were great to watch. Not like what's on T.V. today. Take care and I hope that you are doing well, Love always Glenn


Hi Glean Ė Thanks for the memories.



 Thomas Estrada
Date:             05/16/2007
Time:             03:48:29 PM

Q & A

Dear Shirley Jean,
  What an honor it is to comment on the website of a real Little Rascal! I've grown up watching you and the other O.G members. My children (ages 11 and 9) are now great fans of yours. Thank you so much!
       -Thomas Estrada


Hi Thomas Ė Thanks for the good words and my best to your children.

Michael Barnum
Date:             05/07/2007
Time:             11:55:37 PM

Q & A

Hi Shirley,
I am the gentleman who interviewed you last year. I will be getting your article ready to send off to the publisher in the near future and I am still in need a few photos for it. Can you let me know the price of your stills, without the autograph?

I think a headshot and one shot of you as Gilda should do it. I have managed to find some other nifty stills already.

Hope all is well and sorry I have not been in touch. This last year has been a darned busy one for me!

Michael Barnum


Hi Michael Ė Good to hear from you again.  The stills are $15 with autograph and $10 without. plus S&H..  Be sure and remind me about the interview so I can rapidly get back to you   Iím now in a retirement home or some such thing and being taken care of.  Hoping to get another soon, Shirley Jean


Date:             05/07/2007
Time:             09:39:19 PM

Q & A
Hi Shirley,
 I was excited to find your website. I remember you from "our Gang" reruns as I was growing up (I'm 39). I work as a dolly grip in the movie business. I have always been a huge John Wayne fan and it has always troubled me that I came along in the business too late to meet him, although I am friends with his god-daughter Mary Mclaglen. What was he like? I'm glad to see you are still around and going strong.
              Your friend,


Hi Darryl Ė John Wayne was one of the nicest men Iíve to know.  I worked with him when I was 7 and again when I was about 18.  I personally never heard a bad word about him.  Mary Mclaglen must be the child of {canít remember the first name, Victor I think} Mclaglen.  He was a great character actor, usually the starís best friend.  He also had a riding academy or something.  We hung out for quite a few years riding and stuff.  Iím pretty sure stunt rider and his wife got married there and I was the ring bearer.  Thanks for the memory.


Date:             05/07/2007
Time:             04:52:01 AM

Q & A

I see that Chubby passed away at a very early age...did you see him before he died?  What exactly happened?


Hi Mary - Chubby died at around eighteen.  I believe it was a glandular problem.  I hadnít seen him for a long time Thanks for writing.



Date:             05/07/2007
Time:             03:53:05 AM

Q & A



Hi Lynn Ė Thanks for a neat letter, please write again



 Paul Desrosiers

Date:             05/03/2007
Time:             03:51:56 AM

Q & A

Dear Ms. Jean, Like many others, I grew up watching The Little Rascals on TV. (Black & white back then). I have fond memories of all the episodes in the Our Gang series.
My questions are: Do you miss those days when you were a part of the gang. Who were you closest to among the other child actors?
Thank you for the memories.
Paul Desrosiers


Hi Paul Ė I honestly donít miss those days because Iíve already lived that part of my life and have some great memories.  Iím in the process of writing a book about my years in Hollywood so Iím using every ďmemoryĒ I have, The Chubby Chaney and Jean Darling families and mine saw them for quite a few years.  Thanks for the letter.


 Rebecca  Paul
Date:             05/02/2007
Time:             11:23:00 AM

Q & A

Hi Shirley,
   How are you? My name is Rebecca and I'm 22 years old married and happy. I think it's wonderful that you keep in touch with your fans. I've been in love with films and series from 1920's-1950's I think before I was even a teenager. When I have kids the movies and series from then will be what they will's movies and shows have no innocence. Anyways I would love to hear from you. Thanks again, God Bless


Hi Rebecca Ė Thanks for a great letter, please keep in touch.


 Kevin gratton
Date:             05/02/2007
Time:             12:37:36 AM

Q & A

Hi my name is Kevin and I live in Toronto Canada. I was on your web site a few months ago and seen that you had some bad luck and lost your photos in a fire I belive.Well I see you got some back in your photo sections. I thought id look around to see if I can find some that you donít have on your site and I think I found one.

it is a site of a gang fan who collects photos and autographsí sure if you drop him a line he will help you out. The first pick under your name I didnít see on your site. Hope this can help..Im going to be buying a few pics from you in the future, just moved into new house and my girlfriend will kill me if I spend any more money on "those dam rascals stuffĒ as she puts it. If I see any new ones I will drop by and see if I can get you some more pics ...thanks for your time Kevin



Hi Kevin Ė yup Iíve had some rough times recently But Iím still enjoying life and all that stuff.  Please keep in touch.


 Larry Bussey
Date:             05/01/2007
Time:             12:48:04 AM

Q & A

Our Gang Brief History.


Larry Bussey


 Brad Phillips
Date:             04/30/2007
Time:             04:13:25 PM

Q & A

I would like to say thanks for the years that you entertained us as an actress. Your beauty and grace on the screen was simply magical. I had the very good pleasure of meeting several of your our gang members over the years including Mary Ann Jackson, Sidney Kirbrick, and Darwood Kaye. Mrs. Jackson always has something positive to say about those days and Mr. Kaye had just been to a prison to minister to one who was jailed and was so sincere about his days in our gang. I just found your site and will defiantly buy a photo or two from you. I just have to figure out which ones I want. Again thank you so much for the childhood memories that I hold so dear.
Brad Phillips



PO Box 245
Brentwood TN 37024



Hi Brad Ė Thanks for the nice email.  John, my webmaster is working with on the website and will keep it more up-to-date.  Please keep in touch.

 Lewis R Brown
Date:             04/30/2007
Time:             03:46:04 PM

Q & A

I really enjoyed your work with Our Gang Comedies.  Could you please tell me if Jackie Cooper as well as Philip Hurlic is still alive?  Please e-mail me a reply.

Lewis R Brown


Hi Lewis Ė yes Jackie is still alive as far as I know and Iím afraid I donít know the name  Phil Hurlic.  Please keep in touch.




Hi kids Ė now Iíll go to work on the book Ė luvínístuff


Hey Shirley, my name is Melanie Stephens and I am a student at The American Musical And Dramatic Academy in New York. I need your help because I am doing a song from the musical "Follow Thru". I have tried to find where the song " I Want To Be Bad", sang by Zelma O'Neal, was placed in the show. I need to know what the situation was that made Angie Howard sing that song in the show. I have read a rough draft of the script but it didn't say when the song was in the show. If you could help me out I know it's short notice but I just found your website. Also, I love your website all the pictures and Questions. Well thank you so much and I hope to here from you soon.

Melanie ;b

This was a brand new type of question.  I told Melanie I was just a squirt in my little angel outfit and don't remember anything about the story line, but I would put it on the website and maybe somebody will have an answer for her.  I know the answer won't be in time for her, but it should be interesting.


These sketches of Pete were recently sent to me by Joel Towler, an Our Gang fan from California and I just have to share them with you, 

I think they're neat -

                        Petey - 1 - small.jpg (71582 bytes)      Petey - 2.jpg (50144 bytes)  
just click them to see them close up

PS:  It's my opinion - and at 76 I have a lot of opinions, some of them right - that Pit Bulls are not inherently vicious dogs, they are trained to be mean by owners that goad and mistreat them until they retaliate.  

This is from an Our Gang aficionado who had a bit of fun with shoe polish - or something.

Pete - Jersey.jpg (143166 bytes)

Just a click and he'll jump right out at you .... just kidding about the 'jump'.

For Pete lovers he now has a website -

Hello, Shirley--
A young friend of mine (55 yrs. old) asked yesterday if I knew the name of
the theme song for the Our Gang shows and I offered to search the internet
for the info. 

What a pleasant surprise to find your web page.  I have just finished reading
two years of your e-mails and answers.  Although you didn't have the answer
to my search, your page is truly charming and I have enjoyed every minute,
almost as much as the Our Gang series that were so much a part of our growing up.  You see, I am older than you by almost six years, and I do treasure those happy
childhood memories which the Little Rascals recall.  I'm so glad they are
still available on TV and video.  My grandchildren, and great-grandchildren
are now enjoying them.

Thank you for your genuine caring and loving response to all.  May God
continue to bless you and bring you health and happiness in the new year.    

Sincerely, Dee 

Hi Dee -

My grand kids are big and old enough to help me put together furniture (remember when you bought stuff already constructed?) and move me, but not ready yet to make me a great grandmother.  

Somebody has always taken care of me and I appreciate it so very much.  I try to say 'thank you' as much as I can and not ask for favors if I can help it.  Once in a while I do say a 'please' and it has always worked.  

Thank you for a nice email and for caring about the old Gang.  

Hi Shirley,

At the moment I'm 30 years old and a lifelong Our Gang/Little Rascals fan.  First of all I think it's absolutely great that the few of you Rascals left seem so willing to share your insights on this newfangled "Internet" contraption.

I was wondering if you've seen the "Little Rascals" movie from a few years back--the remake directed by Penelope Spheeris--and if so, what did you think of it?  I watched that thing out of curiosity and I almost cried during the end credits because frankly as far as I'm concerned they desecrated one of my most cherished childhood favorites.  I'm just wondering if you had the same reaction and whether you know the general concensus about it among your fellow Rascals.

Let's face it most of us who are left are really, really up there in years but staying up to date is what makes waking up worthwhile.

I didn't see the movie primarily because I knew that the people who had to do with the nuts and bolts of the picture wouldn't contact anyone who had any knowledge of the original Our Gang.   Not even Dick Bann and Leonard Maltin who wrote the definitive book on the series.   We don't even talk about it when we see each other.

Fortunately AMC is now running the Little Rascals so a lot of parents are contacting me saying that they can now share the Gang with their children.  I think that's neat.

I was delighted, this afternoon, to find your site. I was ecstatic to find someone who obviously answers questions because I have one which is driving me nuts. Reading through the previous mail I think maybe you were with the Rascals or Our Gang long before the newer kids came along during the war. (at MGM?) I know the critics at least do not have a lot of kind things to say about that group of kids. I think Robert Blake was one of them. One of those stories was a patriotic film with the various members of the cast performing as grown up celebs. One of the boys did a Fred Astaire, and one of the girls, Janet, did a Carmen Miranda.

For several years I worked with Janet in Radio in Canada on a show on The Super Seniors Network. That's right it was for us old codgers. I knew her as Meegan Hildebrand.  Meegan was her real first name, Janet was the Little Rascals name. I cannot remember her last name in the Rascals series.  Do you?  It's in the Leonard Maltin Book but I gave my copy to Meegan years ago as a gift and now I can't retrieve it. She sadly passed away as a cancer victim in early April and I just got word today. "She didn't want anyone to know she was ill."

It's a difficult thing to report but if you could pass the word on from your Web Site I'm sure many will remember her.

Incidentally I have two years on you kiddo.

 Keith Sterling

Hi Keith - I bow to my senior - and at my age there aren't too many "seniors" around.  Janet's last name was Burston.  I had gone on to the Mickey Maguire Comedies and even done the John Wayne movie by the time she worked with the kids.  She was in afte MGM had taken the series on and tried to make the kids into 'little' adults.  If you're interested in getting another copy of the book, "Little Rascals, the Life and Times of the Our Gang" drop me an email and I'll tell you how.  Thanks for the update on one of the Gang, I'm more than happy to pass the information on.

Hi Shirley,

Happy springtime to ya!

Were you in the Our Gang film "Heebee Jeebees" ?

Chuck Anderson

Hi Chuck - no, Heebee Jeebees was before my stint with the Gang, but thanks for asking.

I am 29, and loved the Little Rascals because my parents are in their
70s and it allowed me to take a glimpse into what childhood was like for
them. You were always such a beautiful child. Was your hair really that
blond? I'm sure you get that a lot. I just got a picture of some of the
gang from Joy Van Ronkel. That's her name now. She is never mentioned on
any of the sites.
I am not a collector just a fan. But I try to find out about Darla Hood
because as a child I looked like her. I even dressed as her for
Halloween when I was seven. The other kids had no idea who I was. But
the parents did. Oh well. If you could email me any info about her and
yourself I would appreciate it. Thanks Amy Berkowitz

Hello Amy - Your parents and I have lived through the most exciting period in history and I'm sure they feel as excited about all the neat things in the world today as I do.  Yup, I was what was called a tow-head in those days.  I have no idea where that wording came from. 

The name Joy Von Ronkel is a new for me.  If she was in the Gang her name will appear in the book "The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of the Our Gang". 

All the information I have about Darla is from the book and, as I told Keith, if you will email me I'll tell you how to purchase a copy of it.  And I'll bet you were a dalring Darla.

Dear Shirley Jean,
    Myself and a friend of mine are fans of The Little Rascals and the
Our Gang shows. We are both musicians and have been playing the theme
song to the show as a waltz on my front porch and really enjoying it and
bringing back some memories, we are both in our mid forties. My dilemma
is, what is the NAME of the theme song! Hope you can help us.
    Thanks for all the enjoyable years.


Howdy Peter - What a great question - and one I have absolutely no answer to.   Hopefully some website reader will have the answer.  Now I am really curious myself.

Hello Shirley Jean

It is great to be able to tell you how much joy you brought to my life in your performances in the OG shorts. I grew up watching them over and over again and have now introduced my children (girl, 7 and boy, almost 9) to them. Even though my kids are typical in that they have all the trappings of modern children (e.g. computers, video games, etc.), they also appreciate the b & w days of movies (and the fact that many of them are better than the comedy that is put out today)

My German-Jewish born husband was never treated to these shorts as a child and although at first he was quite skeptical about their charm and worth, he is completely won over. In fact, we have OG nights where we watch the movies, talk about our childhoods and our favorite shorts and have a wonderful time with many friends

I had a couple of questions for you regarding life in the 30s/40s. What was it like being a woman for you personally, especially in all the different capacities that you worked in? Were people really any different than they are now or is the whole idea of being a good neighbor more Hollywood make-believe? Were the times slower or about the same?

Hi There - I'm very glad you all enjoy the Gang.

As far as being a working woman during 30s/40s - if I found a job I wanted I went for it and didn't need the help of any other female to assist me.  If I couldn't handle it - that was my fault and not the fault of the government.

As far as neighbors - yes, they really were nicer and closer.  As a matter of fact - I never had a key to my home until the last 15 or 20 years.  Just left stuff unlocked and knew it would be there when I wanted it.

I don't know if they were slower - and they probably weren't any better, just different.  Thanks for asking.

Dear Shirley,

Love those rascals, watching the shows on AMC again is such a treat.  I have
a question for you.  Tonite I watched "Bargain Day" and I was wondering about
the line "get".   You and Stymie and Wheezer are doing the "Watt" street bit
but you also said your mother went to "get", what exactly were you saying?  
I'm "stymied"!!!!

Thanks and Best Regards.


Hi Debbie -

Back in the 1930's people who went out 'on the town' were known as gad-abouts and the phrase I use is "My Mother went out to gad". Stymie had the same problem with me that you've had so that makes you one of the "Gang".  Thanks for asking.

Dear Shirley,
My name is Bob and I am 34 years old.  I am really glad that AMC has started
to show the Our Gang/Little Rascal movie shorts.  I can't tell you how much
I enjoy them!  I live in the Chicago area and I remember how much I looked
forward to running home after school to catch the Little Rascals/Three
Stooges hour.  I love the Stooges, but, I prefer the Rascals.  Seeing these
film shorts again, brings back great memories of my early childhood.
I hope you and your family are doing well

Howdy Bob - Isn't it amazing - I keep coming back in style.  I'm just mean enough to live another 75 years and see how many more times people find me and the rest of the Gang.  And thanks for liking the Gang more than the Stooges, that's nice.

Hi Shirley
thanks for your TOP web site on the history of Little
Rascals!! My favourite is Little Rascals hilarious, so cute, so naughty, so much

Keep keeping us Sydney Australia Little Rascals Fans
updating on Little Rascals (1930s) history!!

Well done Shirley!!

Hi Sydney Little Rascal Gang -Hey neat - I love hearing from Gangsters from all over the world.   Do you have any questions about the Rascals?  If so please send them to me and I'll give you an answer --- it may be wrong, but it will be MY answer.  Keep those cards and letters - er - ah - I mean - emails coming in.

Hello, I have a few questions about your memories of Our Gang. Do you remember anyone by the name of Donna Jean Johnson? I was told she was Pricilla the rich little girl her parents were never home. She did look alike like you from the photos on your web site. Any info you might have would be great as I cant find anything. She was also in The Wizard Of Oz as a child munchkin. She was 6 years old during that filming.
Thank you for your help and hope your health improves!

God Bless America!! May God be with all of us through these trying times.

Hi Patricia -

The name Donna Jean Johnson isn't familiar to me.  You might want to check it out in the book, "Our Gang; The Life and Times of the Little Racals" by Bann and Malten.  If she did appear in the Gang her name will be there.  You'll also see a synopsis of the Gang short, "Bargain Days" in which I play the poor little rich girl whose parents weren't at home.  Her Mother had gone out to 'gad'.  I'm afraid I don't know anything about the people who were in the Wizard of Oz so I can't be any help there.   Please keep in touch.

Dear Shirley Jean,

Isn't the Internet wonderful! I can't believe that I am e-mailing an actual Little Rascal

As luck would have it, it was just today that I saw Grandma's Helper for the first time in many years. I particularly loved your shot outside the store where you were trying to give Wheezer "goo-goo eyes". By gosh, you were trying so hard to impress him! It was so cute to see you give him those eyes!

After the show I took out my two Maltin books (1977 and 1993 editions) and saw that this short was released exactly one month before my mother was born. It's nice to view the world in the way that it used to be--and the talented kids that I have enjoyed so much! Bravo to AMC!

Thank you for reading this email and I wish you many years of good luck and good health!



Hi Gary - What a nice email - thanks.  I, too, am glad that AMC is running the Gang again.  It's amazing, I come back in style every 20 or 30 years.  Darned if it isn't good to be around  for all this time. I also come back in style when one of us dies.   Fortunately none of the reamining Gang have flitted off for a while now.  Hope it goes on that way for a long, long time.

Hi Shirley, I met you at your appearence in Lawrence, MA and I had a blast!
You were so much fun, and had such great stories, that I used the link on your web site to contact AMC and suggested that they interview you. I hope other fans will follow my lead. Maybe AMC will feature you and some of your co-stars in the introductions to the shorts.
Always a fan,    Mike

Hi Mike - it was good to hear from you again.  It would be fun if AMC would follow up on your idea - there are still a few of us around and wouldn't that be a perfect place for a final get-to-gether of what's left of the old Gang.

I remember meeting you at the Sons of the Desert celebration of Thelma Todds birthday in Lawrence - hope I see you again some time soon.

How wonderful it is to find your website at the same time that all the
fans of The Little Rascals are getting ready for the AMC programs.  I
have always been partial to blondes, and being 49, I would have to say
that in the mid-1950's, you (1931 version) were my first crush!  I
wanted to share my own Little Rascals story with you today.  Through a
work related coincidence, I was able to speak to Dick "Dickie" Moore on
the phone.  It just happened to be the week that my then 10 year old son
had a stiff neck.  Since my son is also a Rascal's fan, and had seen the
episode where Dickie was the rich kid with the stiff neck (later "fixed"
when Stymie just "gave it a twist"), we had been calling each other
"Dickie" and "Stymie" during the time that his neck was getting better.
Anyway, imagine my joy when, thru an incredible coincidence, I was able
to share that story with Dick Moore himself!  By the way, Mr. Moore
couldn't have been more gracious.

Thank you for your part in movie history, and continued good health!

Michael in NYC

Hi Michael -

Thanks for a really nice story.  I didn't know Dickie when we grew up, but I've always heard nice things about him.  I'll be adding to the website pretty often, so please check in from time to time.  The that I'm going to be traveling with will be making calls all over the east, maybe we'll be near enough to you that you can bring your son to meet me.


    I'm 42 year's old and a man and i were talking about the show today at work and he told me about this site so here i am checking it out and love every min. of it . I have watch it every time i can fine it on it is so realxing to me and bring's me out of the dump's when i'm down . can you tell me where i can fine VHS tape's of the show's . Thank you so much fo doing this site .        

Thank's again      


Hi J. - Have you tried for Our Gang/Little Rascals tapes?   I've seen some up for bid there.  Also, AMC will be running the film that used to be on TV starting this month.

I am truly glad to be talking to some one that was a part of the little
rascals, I was brought up watching all the fun that you and the gang put
together in those wonderful movies. What are you doing now? are you
active in any sports? are there any of the little rascals left? if so do
you get into touch with them?  please let me know.

May God Bless you for all of the fun you gave me in those early years.


Howdy John - I work for the American Cancer Society and am starting a new endeavor with the, you can find out more about that on the Events page.  I'm a little long in the tooth for anything except spectator sports now and - Yes, I recently saw Jerry Tucker and Jean Darling and will see Dorothy DeBorbah in October at the Autograph Show.  Thanks for the kind words.

Hi Shirley,
Since the incident with Robert Blake's wife there has been some information about the Little Rascals surface in the news.  I recently heard one evening that Froggy was killed in a motorcycle accident at age 17.  However, there is a man that claims to be Froggy that lives in Pahrump, Nevada who is a personal friend of my parents and relatives who live there.  Was there more that one Froggy, or is this man an imposter.

Hi Diamond Lady - I honestly can't answer your query about Froggy.  I have the feeling that the Froggy from Our Gang/Little Rascals is no longer kicking around, but, for Heaven's sake, don't quote me.  And if you find out differently please let me know.

My name is Courtney Cloman and I'm 24 years old.   As a small child and
still today, the Our Gang series instills such warmth and comfort in my
life.  I just wanted to say thank you for your contribution to such an
important and cherished part of many lives. 

Thank you!


Just wanted to let you know that the little rascals reruns in the early 70's were a big part of my Sunday morning routine. Mom used to threaten us to stop watching and get ready for church.   I love you all.

S. Owens

Thanks for the nice words and remembering

I was reading about Robert Blake's tragedy when I found out that he was a member of Our Gang (OG). That prompted me to look into the OG sites. And I ran across your site. I am 42 and saw the OG shows as a kid in NY. I don't recall much about them but remember watching them on a daily basis on one of the NY stations (WPIX, I think).

I just wanted to wish you good health and to compliment you on, what sounds like, a life well spent (if not busy).

Hi There Paul - Sorry that it took such an unfortunate occasion for you to find my site, but I'm glad you did. If you'll check out my "Our Gang Links" (access at the bottom of the Home Page) you'll find quite a few other web sites that have to do with that old Gang of mine.  If you find any that I'm not aware of please let me know so that I can add them to the Links.

Hi.  There is a woman I know.  Her name is Olivia.  She played i think a nurse, with the little rascals along long time ago.  Can you tell me some info.  on here perhaps.  thank you

Hey There David - I honestly don't remember anyone named Olivia but that does not mean that she wasn't a part of the Gang.  You'll have to take into account the ages.  I'm 75 and I appeared in the series in 1931.  That should give you a time line to figure out whether she was around at that time.  Gee - aren't I just a font of information.   I promised earlier on this website that I would only tell you guys what I actually know. Hope I've been of some help - if not please email me again.

Shirley Jean:

It's really fantastic that Our Gang fans (like myself) can write to you.  Wow!  Beautiful show that was.  Thank you for sharing your memories on your site.

I live in the San Fernando Valley area and I know some of the episodes were filmed around there.  Do you happen to remember being in any shoots at particular locations in the valley?  I'd love to go visit some of those sites - or any around the LA area.

I hope everything is very well with you.

Best wishes,

Chris Logg

Howdy Chris - Thanks for being an Our Gang/Little Rascals rememberer  (Yeah, Yeah - I know - that isn't an accepted word but I'm 3 quarters of a century old and I can make it a word if I want to - so there now too).

I remember shooting location sequences at the Hal Roach Ranch and I'm pretty sure that was near the studio on Culver City.  The Chanber of Commerce might just still have information as to where the Ranch was.  If I'm wrong I sure hope someone lets me know. 

Hello Shirley. My name is Jeff. I've been a Gang fan since my very early childhood and I am now 30 years old, married with a home of my own and those films you acted in plus all the others form the different Gang eras are still being shown in my home to this day. When I was 8 years old I found a book at the library about Our Gang. It was the famous one by Leonard Maltin and that's when my education on your career and the rest of the Gang really started. I've always felt that the particular Gang era that you were involved with was the definitive version of Our Gang. I've heard a lot of talk over the years about how many films of that era (including the Gang) portrayed minorities in an unfavorable light. I personally feel that this is just our overly politically 'correct' society having too thin of a skin. I've heard that this is the reason that Gang movies are no longer being shown in many markets and all through the years while I was growing up watching them on television I had no idea how heavily edited t
Also, are there any former 'Gangsters' that you are still in contact with these days? It would be so touching to see a reunion of all the surviving Gang members.
I would like to thank you so much for all the happiness and smiles that you've given my family and I over the years. Also, thank you for doing this website where you can share your views of those days of film and how life was back then with those of us who weren't around then to experience it. It is so nice of you to share with us.

A lifelong Gang viewer,


Hi Jeff - The Our Gang films were not only edited because of content (you really have to be uptight to find stuff to object to but I guess that's a way of life for some) but also because of time limits.  If the TV station had 15 and a half minutes between commercials they would just chop part of it out.  Many times that part would be lost forever to that particular bit of tape. Fortunately the tapes that are on the market now from Cabin Fever/Hallmark were copied from the original film and are the stories.

Let's face it, Jeff, there aren't many of us still kicking around - we're old people, but, yes I still see Dorothy Deborbah, Jerry Tucker and Butch from time to time, either thru the Sons of the Desert meetings or the Roy Court Autograph Shows.  I'll post any dates - probably on the moving thingy on my Home Page.

Thanks for your nice letter.

Hello, it's C and J.

thank you so much for sending me my 2 signed pictures. you are so cute in the one picture, and so HOT and SEXY in the other one. WOW !!  Who is the woman in the one picture who's lap you are sitting on?  What ever happened to her?

You are so great and Jersey and I are glad to have gotten in touch with you.
Stay healthy and happy.

Thanks for the nice words - at 75 it's great being thought of as SEXY .... even if the picture is a whole bunch of years old.

The woman was Miss Creabtree the school teacher in the Gang series and her real name was June Marlow. There is a website dedicated to her and as soon as I can track down the address I'll add it to my Link page.

it is great to know someone is actually around to talk to younger generations about what to us is an intitution. i am 40 years old and grew up watching our gang/little rascals shorts and dreamed of being one of the gang haha so did many im sure . my question is where their any shorts filmed in new york state ive heard some were filmed around cooperstown ny . its a shame that people feel the shorts were very offensive ,to me it shows little actors playing real life roles to many of that era ,my mistake was not to buy the rascals -gang videos when they were available at one time ....p.s. stay in good health and spirit  god bless you!

Hi there - I love talking to young people and find them absolutely fascinating.  I've also heard the rumor about some of the Gang shorts being shot in other locations but it isn't true.   During those years there wer knockoff artists who pretended to part of the Hal Roach group and would have interviews, etc.

I don't believe that the average person nowadays sees anything objectionable in the manner in which kids were portrayed - and if they do I honestly feel sorry for them.  They are definitely wasting a good part of their lives.

Good news - the Our Gang/Little Rascal tapes are on the shelves again.

Thanks for the nice words and I'll try my darndest to stay well

Would like to know if Shirley Temple was in the our gang comedy and what year  and what movie

No, Shirley Temple wasn't in any of the Our Gang/Little Rascal Comedies.  She did go on an interview for Hal Roach, but she wasn't chosen as a Gangster.  Somebody else saw her potential and started her on her way to stardom.

  I just recently turned 28 years of age and my life is the history of film. I own at the present, over 2500 videos and DVD's in my collection. I especially collect and study pictures from the silent days up to the fifties. The little rascals were some of my favorite, but I just love to talk of old film. My wife loves to hear me go on and on about movies, and she shares my ardent passion. I would love to talk with you of the classics. I also have read hundreds of books on the history of Hollywood.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi There Dave - Wow, what a collection, it must take up a whole bunch of room.   Have you read the Our Gang/Little Rascals book by Leonard Maltin and Dick Bann?   They spent many years researching it and did a great job making it interesting.

Just ask me anything, if I know the answer I will be more than happy to share it.  Just drop me a line.  I answer them here on the FAQ page as there are a lot of people who are interested in the same things you are.  Also, please check out the link page, you can get there at the bottom of the Home Page and there are quite a few people from the good old days.
Please keep in touch.

Hello Shirley Jean!

We've been a big fan of "Our Gang" and were very delighted to see you have your own internet site dedicated to it's memory. We own a collection of the "Our Gang" comedies on video and are now introducing them to our three year old son, Andrew. He can barely sit still for five minutes but when we put on an Our Gang tape his is "glued" to the TV screen.  The films you and your fellow actors made are truly timeless!  Andrew really gets a kick out of your conversation with Stymie in "Bargain Day"..."What street!" He has some Our Gang stills on his bedroom wall and he'd love to have one of yours!  Do your have a list of stills available for purchase that you can inscribe to him? Good luck and God bless.


George, Gissell & Andrew

Scott AFB, IL

P.S.  Ever drive your ton and a half cargo truck through Scott AFB, Illinois?

Hello - I'm glad a new group of Gangsters are coming on the scene.  The Watt Street dialogue proves how far ahead of his time Hal Roach was. That was shot long before Abbott and Costello became famous for "Who's on First".

If you'll check the Auction Page you'll find several different Our Gang pictures.  It's a pretty good bet that Andrew isn't ready for Gilda as yet, but you can pick any of the OG photographs. 

As for my ton and a half adventures - they never let me off the Garden City, Kansas AFB - THAT was intelligent of the Air Force.

            THANK YOU SO MUCH,

Hi Wayne - I'm very glad your entire family enjoys the Gang, isn't it amazing how they're still fun after all these years. 

Yes, the story about Stymie and the chauffeur line is absolutely true.  He was supposed to say, "My daddy's just a crap shootin' fool".  The entire set broke up. If you'll take a good look at his face after he says the line on the tape you have you'll notice that he gets an adorable look on his face as if to say - "did I do it right this time?"  Hal Roach kept that outtake for many years, it would be shown at banquets and conventions and it was always greeted with laughter.  I liked working with all the kids, they were just my friends and playmates .... Now the Mothers were something else - whew!

The last month in March I'll be three quarters of a century and I've told my family that the only thing I want is a ride in a hot air balloon - now that I've put it on the Internet I'll bet I get my wish. 

Dear Shirley Jean:

    I recently bid on one of your signed photos on Ebay. I am a former Our
Gang collector. During the 80's I had to sell my collection and now I am
starting over.
    Do you have any bitter feelings or unhappiness over your days with Hal
Roach Studios? I met George Spanky McFarland once and he was a very bitter
person. I had two pictures for Spanky to sign for me, but he refused. He
went on and on about how these photo companies mass produce pictures of him
and he didn't get a penny from it. I did get one of his signed photos, after
giving him my address. In a way I guess I can understand his bitterness. It
was just hard being turned down, after paying to get into the golf
tournement I was attending. Kind of sad now, since Spanky has passed away
and I have sold the picture.
     Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I look forward to
winning the Ebay auction.

Sincerely,   Larry Given                                               

Hi Larry -   Sorry you had to get rid of your Gang collection. Believe me, one way or another you will get an autographed picture from me.  If you'll go to my Home Page you'll find some links to other Our Gang/Little Rascals sites where you'll be able to make contact with other Gang people.

I know that Spanky was unhappy and I understand his feelings,  I just don't agree with them.   I was paid quite well for the job I did as a child.  That job was to make 'moving pictures' not TV shows.  If it hadn't been for the Our Gang/Little Rascals shorts that were a staple of the early days of television nobody, except for your great grandparents, would have the slightest idea who we were/are.

Thanks for being a fan and good luck with restoring your Gang collection.


I am honestly and truly honored to have heard from you! I thank you for
writing me and I am glad you weren't offended at the storyline. I've loved
the "Rascals" all my life and you all gave so many stories to the world. I
didn't want those stories to end.

I've written a new one that I'd like to invite you to read. I've done "The
Rascals Of The Opera : The Phantom Menace" and have used your character
again in the play. This time you get to be the dance instructor at the opera
house, working with Darla to ward off the Phantom... Alfalfa.

It's got better graphics (I've learned through trial and error over the past
couple of years) and remains faithful to the Rascals concept.

If you would please, the Phantom is waiting at :

Again, Shirley, I thank you for having written me! What a pleasant surprise
this evening!

W Paul Cary

Hi Gangsters - Please check my Our Gang Links page (you can get there from the Home Page) for the neat story lines W Paul has written - they're really fun.

Hi Shirley Jean,
   I got your autographed picture and it's great. I wanted to ask a few
quick questions. Do your children and grandchildren enjoy the rascals?
Also do you think today's fantasy based childrens can measure up to the
old Rascals and other shorts of the day?  Thanks,  Garl

Hi Garl - (Now that is a fascinating name)

Glad you like the picture. And to answer your questions:

My daughter and grandson pretty much take the Rascals for granted. Mom-Grandma was in them and that's just a fact of life.  Some of the shorts they like, others are kind of 'eh'.

Golly - trying to measure the Gang against today's shows is really difficult.  They aren't apples and oranges in that they are all in the entertainment category, but today's young people are so much more sophisticated than we were, even though most of the present day youngsters do seem to enjoy watching the Gang/Rascals tapes.

If any of you reading this page have any comments I would honestly like hearing from you.  Please add your thoughts to this conversation.

Into February, 2001

Hi Shirley Jean! Thank you, very much, for the autographed picture.

You mentioned an increase in picture prices. I collect pics and autographs of the stars of my favorite tv shows from my youth. I will not 'name-names', but your pictures are much more reasonable than most celebrities. And you even answer our questions, to boot!
I am glad that you are here for us and helping to keep the memories of the
gang alive.

always a fan..

Howdy Fan -

As I've mentioned before it's great to be my age [in less than two months I'll be 3/4's of a century] and have people happy to be in contact.  I remember wishing as a kid that I'd still be around for the turn of the century and, by golly, I did it!  My  grandkids gave me a black T-shirt with 2000 and 2001 written in glitter. What fun.

Please keep them emails comin' in.

After the little rascals, did you still want to be in hollywood or were you over it? Do you have any pictures of you and your friends when you were my age (28) ?  Did you have any friends go to War? Did you ever get to meet a star that made you nervous or Star-Struck?


Hello there, Craig

After the Rascals I appeared as Tomboy Taylor in the Mickey Maguire comedies with Micky Rooney and then became a bit player and dancer.  When I was a dancer in "Singing in the Rain" my daughter was 5 weeks old and my youngest grandson wil graduate from college this year.

As to pictures when I was in my 20's, about the only thing I have left are the Gilda pictures. 

Yup, had a lot of friends that were in the Second World war - my first husband was one of them and we were very close friends. That's when I drove the cargo truck.

Starstruck?  Not really, they were just a part of my life and I worked with them, or ate in the same restaurant, etc. just about every day.

Craig included a picture of an armload of Peteys

An armload of Peteys.JPG (15167 bytes)

and I want to share them with you.

January 26th, 2001

I just found your web sight, I did send you a message off of The Little
Rascals web page but it came back. So I mentioned it on there mailing
list and some one gave me your new e-mail address..
Back during the 50's in Detroit I use to watch the shorts on local TV and
I must admit I did have a small crush on you, blushing.. he he he. Ok I
also enjoyed the kids and such.. Its really too bad kids don't get to see
the wholesome shows that the little rascals were..
I hope you get a chance to read this as I know your busy..But I thought I
would send you this and tell you I did like your acting..
thanks harry..

Hi There, Harry,

I'm very glad you found me.  Sorry about the mix-up before, but if you know of anyone else who would like to write to me please give them this website address.  Back in the 50's I used to work in Detroit.  At that time I was known as Gilda and I worked both the burlesque theatre and a large nightclub whose name I just can't remember at the moment. It was a large place on one of the main streets. Detroit was one of the towns where I would appear on a Kiddy TV show on Saturday morning as Shirley Jean of the Our Gang/Little Rascals and disrobe on stage at night for the little kiddies parents.

I'm pretty sure Nickolodeon or some such show is still running the films.  Let's face it - us Gangsters are hard to get rid of.

Hi Shirley Jean,
This is a great web page. I use to watch "The Little Rascals" on tv and this site brings back lots of fun memories. I read "The Life andTimes of Our Gang" and, in your interview, you mentioned performing as "Gilda". Did you travel a lot on the vaudeville circuit?

And speaking of traveling, were you REALLY a truck driver? What's up with that?

Mike B

Hello There Mike -

I'm glad you have the Bann and Malten book, those two gentlemen spent 16 years researching the book.  As Gilda I traveled around the country in Burlesque.  Vaudeville was dead by then, and burlesque had pretty well taken over live entertainment.  I worked Minsky's, the Showboat Hotel in Vegas and theatres all over the place.  It's a little strange that you're the second person wiithin a week to ask about Gilda

And, yes, I drove a ton and a half cargo.  I married an Air Force Cadet during the world war - the SECOND world war - and the powers that be didn't really cotton to Cadet wives so they gave us the barest subsistence. Consequently we always had to get a job.  I went to the Air Force base in Garden City Kansas and took the test for a drivers license - passed and they put me into the drivers seat of a cargo truck. 

Please keep in touch and asking neat questions.


Hi, I really enjoy your site and appreciate all the work you have put into responding to questions.

About 10 years ago, I was helping clear out a store room at work and I came across a 1954 copy of Frolic Magazine.  I had never seen such a thing, but was instantly impressed by the charm (and comparative modesty) of all those classic cheesecake photos.

Along with pictures of
Betty Piage, Lili St. Cyr, and Tempest Storm, there were a couple very cute pictures of Gilda.  My love of Our Gang has made me cherish these great pictures even more.

I see from your FAQ that I can obtain an autographed photo from you.  Would it be possible to get one from your Gilda days?  Also, please let me know where to send the check.



Hi Terrel - How about that - where the heck do you work? Anyway, thanks for the nice words about Gilda.  Actually the entire name was Gilda and Her Crowning Glory ... not my idea, my managers.  Since she had also trained, and was the manager of, Tempest Storm, among others, I did as she said.  Yes, I do have a Gilda photo that I can autograph for you and I'm putting just the top part of it at the end of this letter.  If you want a copy send me an email and I'll give you my address.

gildaheart clean.JPG (12076 bytes)

PS - I would appreciate it if you would make a copy of the magazine page for me.  SJ

Dear, Shirley
       Hello my name is J.W. Sprayberry.  I am a huge fan of yours and I was wondering if it would be to much to ask for an autograph from you.   Anything you send would be greatly, greatly appreciated.  Thank you for anything you can send if you can't send anything, then thanks anyway and thanks for taking the time to read my EMail.  Have a Happy New Year.

Howdy J.W.-

The only autograph I send out is on the Our Gang pictures that I have.  Please read the answer to the next letter.   Thank you for being a fan, when you get to be my age (and I hope you do) you really appreciate having people remember you.

Hello I am a big fan of yours and I was wondering if there was a way I can obtain your autograph. I have met quite a few of the our gang members who are still alive and love watching the shorts. I know you are a busy woman and I would greatly appreciate any response.



Hey there, David,

I have some 8 by 10 glossy pictures from the Our Gang and I autograph them to a specific person.    If you're interested please write me again at AT our Guestbook and I'll give you my address.  Thanks for remembering me.

Dear Shirley,

I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! I'm a Golf pro here in Texas who's a big fan of your work! I've been fortunate with my travels to teach and meet many personalities like yourself over the years, however you’re someone I hope one day to meet most of all!

Would you please send me an autographed photo at your convenience which would be greatly appreciated! Also, I stage numerous charity golf events worldwide and it's not necessary to play to participate. If you’re interested let me know and I will get you more details as we would take care of all your expenses as our guest.

Thank you..

Warmest Regards,


Hi Tom -

I hope your New Year is the greatest.

The pictures arr autographed to.

Yes, I do make personal appearances. I’ll be going to Arkansas as a representative of the American Cancer Society in the spring. I enjoy talking with an audience and I’ll answer any question they may have … it probably won’t be the answer they expected but it will be my answer – in other word, the world according to Shirley Jean. And I insist on having fun!

Shirley Jean : Thanks so much for the wonderful photo you sent me this week.. It was wonderful...
God Bless
Your Our Gang Fan

Hi Art - It really is my pleasure to send pictures to those who want them ... it's great to be remembered.

Dear Shirley Jean,

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the Our Gang comedies growing up. A lot of child stars played the roles over the years but my favorites are the ones from the time you were appearing in the shorts. Many people think it’s just nostalgia that makes people like me enjoy these old shows so much but that is not what it is. These show were so entertaining and the child actors did their roles so well. I think you were especially good in your role and that your group was the best ever to do the "Our Gang" comedies.

My proof that it is not nostalgia is the fact that a few years ago, the shorts were released on videotape. I bought all the episodes and started showing them to my four sons. They love the shows as much as my wife Marilyn and I. Obviously, the "Our Gang" films pleasures are not restricted to the older set! My boys always ask when we are going to watch the shows again even though they have seen them all.

I saw on your FAQ page that autos are available. Could you please email me the address to send the fees to? Also, last year I had the pleasure of meeting "Echo" (Dorothy DeBorba) in Houston at a fan show. She was so nice to meet. The reason I bring it up is that I got her autograph on a picture which included 8 of the kids with their mothers, including Chubby, Wheezer, Stymie, Farina, Echo, Jackie, Mary Ann and YOU with your mother. This picture is very valuable to me. If I sent it to you, would you autograph it? I of course would include an S.A.S.E. Thanks so much for considering my request.


Hi Chris -

Thanks for the nice letter.

You're right about the video tapes.  A company from Greenwich, CT went to the Library of Congress and taped the original film.   That's the reason they're so clear.  Nothing was cut out of for time reasons as they were on TV.

Dorothy is the only Gang member that I've been in contact with in recent years [ let's face it, there aren't too many of us left] and she's a charming lady.  I'll be more than happy to autograph that picture for you. It's one I don't have a  copy of so I'll have one made in exchange for the autograph.

An SASE won't be necessary, that's what I charge the $2.50 S/H for.

Again, thank you for a nice letter.

Dear Mrs. Rickert:

    I have been a huge fan of the Our Gang films since I was a small child.  I would love to get a autographed photo of yourself to add to my collection.  I realize that you may not respond without a SASE, if that is so could you send me a address for me to send one.  I hope that you will take a moment to respond to my request.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.            Jason

Morning Jason - Hope your New Year is starting out really fine.  I do autograph pictures to you, or anybody you wish, and I don't need an SASE.  The cost is $7.50 with a S/H charge of $2.50.  Thanks for asking.  Do you have any questions for me about the Our Gang that I was in?  I'm more than happy to answer.

Saw your page, I wondered how I may obtain an autograph photo or index card of you to frame with the other members of Our Gang, Now one ever appears in New Jersey.. It is a real shame.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Happy new year

Hi Art - I received the same request yesterday and answered it in the next section.  I'll email you my address.

Thank you for asking.

Dear Ms. Measures, I am writing to you in hopes of finding out how I can obtain an autographed photograph of you from "Our Gang." I have started an autograph collection for my 1-year old daughter, Morgan, and I would be honored to include yours in her collection.

You can reach me at my e-mail address  or my (home) address
is 26675 Hxxxxxxx Rd., Xxxxxxxx, XX xxxxx.  If there is a fee, please just let me know.  I will be happy to pay you.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

    Sincerely, Peter Tucker.

Hi Peter - Yes I do have some photos available and autograph them to whomever you wish.  The 8 X 10's are $10.00 each and there is a $3.50 charge for S/H.   There are some well done tapes on the market also and I hope you have some of them for Morgan.

I know that you worked Billy Barty, who died on Dec. 23, 2000, in the "Mickey McGuire" comedy series. Had you maintained a friendship with him? If so, any interesting stories to share with us?

Always a fan...

Hi Fan - Yes Billy and I grew up together and remained friends.

I guess the best story is:  My Father drove my Mother and me to the interview for the Mickey Maguire Comedies at Darmour Studios and he waited in the car.   Mom and I were only in the studio for a short time when Mom went rushing back to the car dragging me behind her.

Pop said, "Hon, what's the matter?"

Mom said, "There is a baby in there who jumped out of a baby carriage and started doing cartwheels. MY child can't do anything like that!"

Pop talked her into going back in and we found out later that it was Billy and I was picked to play Tomboy Taylor in the series.  He was the cutest little baby you've ever seen, but he was just a little older than me at the time.

PS:  I still can't do cartwheels.

Hi Shirley Jean, My name is Mike and I live in New Jersey. I know your career on stage and the screen lasted beyond your "Our Gang" days. I was wondering which stars you enjoyed working with the most and who were the most fun to hang out with off of the set?

Hi Mike - I became a dancer in the wonderful musicals Hollywood used to make.  When I was in "Singing in the Rain" my daughter was 5 weeks old and my youngest grandson will graduate from college in the spring. 

The 2 stars I think were the greatest to work with were John Wayne and Lucille Ball.  Off the set my favorites were Frankie Darrow and Mel Torme.

Shirley Jean;
My husband and I are great fans of the "Our Gang" series, do any of you have autographed pictures??? And do you still make personal appearances?

Hi Alta - Yes, I have some Our Gang pictures that I'll autograph.    Anybody who is interested can reach me at AT our Guestbook. And yes, I do still make personal apearances.   I'll be going down south in the spring to make an appearance for the American Cancer Society at a fund raiser.  [I work for the AMC]  I also go to schools and talk with the young people  

Do you ever get in touch with your co-stars Jackie Cooper, Mary Ann Jackson or Dorothy DeBorba? Have you been to any of the reunions that use to be held
for the"Our Gang" members? Please let us know if you plan to make any personal appearences anytime soon.

"The Train Guy"

Hi Train Guy - I've Seen Dorothy a few times at meetings of the Sons of the Desert.  Mary Ann and Jackie are on the west coast and I'm in New York state so there isn't much chance of running into each other.  Right at the moment there    are no plans for personal appearances, but I'll  sure put the information on these pages when there are.

Hi, Shirley Jean

My name is R... K.... from Lananon, Pa. I was wondering if maybe you could answer a question for me.

When John Berardino (General Hospital's Dr. Steve Hardy) died, our local newspaper reported in his obituary that he was once an Our Gang member. Do you know if this is true or not, and if true, did you know any episodes he was in?

Thanks much from this 52 year old Our Gang Fan.

Hi R... - He could have been in the Our Gang, it was shot over a 22 year period and a whole lot of young people in Hollywood worked in a few of them, but they weren't contract actors.  If you would read "Our Gang, the Life and Times of Our Gang" by Bann and Maltin you'd would understand how many people claimed to have been in the Gang, but actually weren't.  

  Hi. i met a woman in fairfield, calif who told me she was the little blond girl in 'spanky & our gang'. she she was this little tiny thing w/long thick grey/blond hair. she was dying of cancer (15 years ago) so i didnt know her for long. i can't remember her stage/real name, although she was jewish. she told me  stories about sleeping/partying her way around hollywood (she said she was    not a good actress. she gave me a pair of turquise earrings for luck. do can you tell me who she was ?

Hi vg - I'm afraid I can't be of any help to you.  I worked the part of the series that had Jackie Cooper, Stymie, Wheezer, Farina, Petey, etc.  Spanky was in it after I had left to do the Mickey Maguire Comedies with Jackie Cooper.


Hi PSU - I'm happy to say that I came in with the 'talkies' so I didn't know the silent day kids.  My biggest problem with Mrs. Cherrington is that Darla took my place in the Gang when I left to work with Mickey Rooney in the Mickey Maguire Comedies.  

"How did you get into the Our Gang Comedies?"

I won a baby contest when I was a year a half in Seattle - those were the days when baby contests were won by babies and not miniature people.  My Mother decided she had a child star and bodily moved the whole darn family to Hollywood.

"What was it like, being a child star"

The things I remember were fine and fun.  I was a very young child, a kid star...almost everybody I knew were the same.   It wasn't any big deal, just life as I knew it.

Bob wrote me and asked:

"Do you remember a movie you made in the early 1930's, a western starring John Wayne and Yakima Canutt?  Your were dressed as an indian and Yakima was giving you a ride on his back.  What was it like playing in that film with John and Yakima?

I sure do remember making the movie.   The name was 'Neath Arizona Skies and AMC often runs it during their John Wayne week.  Gabby Hayes was also in it.  I did all my own stunts in the movie, riding across the desert on John's horse, etc.  I did all the stunts except for going off the cliff - they used a different dummy for that.  We shot the film on location and all the cowboys took care of me, they were wonderful.  John Wayne was the nicest male actor I EVER worked with in Hollywood, and I worked with a lot of them.

I promised  some answers to the question, "Should I put my child into show business?"

Here are my first 3 answers ...

Sure, why not IF ...

IF the parent is willing and able to sublimate everything else in the pursuit of stardom.

IF that parent is willing to ignore their spouses needs and wants should they conflict with  star chasing.

IF the child is judged to have talent - not by the family who think the world rises and sets  in that young person - but by an unbiased talent judge.  A voice teacher ... a drama coach ... etc.

sjbuton3.JPG (19155 bytes)

Shirley Jean Rickert Measures - Our Gang/Little Rascals 1935